Barney's Weekend Away Financial Assistance
Need a little bit of help to get along to the Barney's weekend away? You've come to the right place! The weekend away is a highlight for the 630pm fam each year. So much so that a bunch of generous people donate money to help others get along to it every year. We'd really love it if you could make it also, and don't want any financial burdens to prevent you from coming along. If you need a little bit of help to get there, fill out this form and someone from the team will be in contact with you to sort out a solution

There are two options for financial assistance:

Payment Plan: If you are able to pay the full rego amount, but just need some more time to do so, we can set up a direct debit system that will allow you to rego and pay in instalments over a period of time by direct debiting funds into the Barneys bank account.

Subsidies: If you'd like to pay now, but just cant quite afford it, indicate on the form roughly how much of a discount you'd need to help you get along and we will sort out an option to give you a discounted rate.

Rego's close at 10pm on the 17th of March. If you have not heard back from the team by then, they will contact you Monday morning and get you rego'd then.

For any questions please contact

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If you selected 'Payment Plan' do you have a rough idea on the amount and frequency of deposits that you'd like to make? (For example: $50 per week for 5 weeks). If you are unsure, leave this space blank and we can sort it out when we get into contact
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If you selected 'Subsidy' do you know how much of a discount you will need? If so, please comment below. If not, we can arrange an amount once we get into contact
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