AWS Advent 2016 Author Signup
We're please to announce that the AWS Advent is returning in 2016.

What is the AWS Advent event? Many technology platforms have started a yearly tradition for the month of December revealing an article per day written and edited by volunteers in the style of an advent calendar, a special calendar used to count the days in anticipation of Christmas starting on December 1. The AWS Advent event explores the Amazon Web Services platform.

For past events, check out the website here:
If you are interested in volunteering in other roles, please fill out our volunteer signup sheet! (You can fill out both forms!)

We will continue to accept submissions until the calendar is full. We will start rolling submission acceptances on October 26, 2016.

What would you like to write about (potential title)? Please keep in mind that all submissions should be relevant to AWS. For past examples please check out
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Can you expand a little bit on the subject and share the 3 solid points you want to cover with this topic?
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What level of audience will you be targeting for your topic?
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Have you been involved in AWS Advent before? (Whether you have or not is only relevant for us in understanding whether folks enjoy participating in the event!)
If you have a blog, or written in another capacity, can you share a link to your past writing? This is not required, and we encourage beginners to be a part of AWS Advent!
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