The School District of Philadelphia Recycling BINventory
The School District of Philadelphia is recycling in all of its facilities, including every school building. This inventory of recycling bins and trash cans in your school will assist the District as it goes about ensuring each school has the number and type of bins it needs to run a successful recycling program. This inventory will also assist you as you launch your recycling program; we suggest you fill this out with your Building Engineer.
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Picking the Right Size Recycling Bins for Different Locations
Your school may need three different sized bins depending on where in your building they are placed. Typically:
(1) Small bins will be placed in classrooms and offices;
(2) Medium sized bins will be placed in common areas like hallways, shared office spaces, teachers lounges, and copier rooms;
(3) Large bins will be placed in gymnasiums, cafeterias, and outdoors.

The School District recognizes that every school building and community is different. The above is only a guideline, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about bin placement.

Approximate size of Small, Medium & Large Recycling Bins: Shapes and wording/etchings may vary.
Example of Small, Medium and Large Recycling Bins
As you fill this form out, please remember that:

(1) Extra trash cans should be converted to recycling bins (the School District will provide blue "Recycling" stickers to place on converted trash cans);
(2) Recycling bins should be placed directly next to trash cans (using the "buddy system");
(3) All storage areas in your school should be searched for any extra trash cans or recycling bins.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Please include "Binventory" in your subject line.

Tips for completing a BINventory at your school!
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