The Everywhen Project
Join the journey to bring the Temple of Everywhen to Black Rock City 2020 and the UnSCruz Burning Man regional. By submitting this form, you are conveying your interest in joining the crew and participating in a radical, transformative experience.

Everywhen will be installed at two events for 2020: UnSCruz, a Burning Man regional, from April 30th - May 3rd, at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville, California; and Burning Man, from August 30 - September 7, at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

What is the Everywhen Project? Here is an excerpt from our Honoraria synopsis:
“Everywhen demands an exploration of the meaning of life and human history through a controversial retelling of stories, a psychedelic experience of ancestral archetypes and a journey through the senses. It evokes an uncomfortable introspection of metaphysical and celestial realities and one's relationship with the outer and inner universes. It is a unified story of humanity's collective past and present through all cultures, leaving one to speculate about possible futures. We encourage discussion of the nature of reality and our true history by blending fables with art from the collective consciousness.

We believe that Everywhen should unify the experience of the inner and outer selves, and to achieve these goals, the structure itself must be transformative and actively participate in the journey.”

We seek dreamers and artists; lovers and the passionate. Do you have the urge to create? Join the Everywhen crew.
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