This is the submission form for booking a space at the Asylum for the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival ("HFF18"). This form is also used for the 2018 Encore Producers' Award and extensions beyond HFF18.

At this point, you should have already created your project on the HFF18 website .
If you haven't, here's how -

-If you want to submit to any Asylum space, please fill out section I and II of this submission form.
Look through our Venue Packet which also includes a step by step guide to submitting. (Download in Section II)

-If you want to submit to the ENCORE and BEYOND awards, fill out Section I and III of this submission form.

-If you want to submit to Asylum spaces and the ENCORE award, fill out all 3 sections of this submission form.

You will need to fill in any question marked with a red asterick (*).

Please fill out as much as possible. If you don't have an answer put "DNK" (Do not know) or "N/A" (Not applicable).


1 ) What is your purpose for filling out this form? *
Check all that apply.
1A ) Name the venue you are in? *
Check all that apply.
Your answer
2) What is your Project on the Hollywood Fringe Site?
You need to create a project at There is no fee for this. Once created, add the link here: (ie. ) - Additional information is under support at
Your answer
3) Have you clicked "Apply" next to the an Asylum space on the HFF website? *
At some point, to book any space, you will need to "APPLY" to a space on the HFF website. To do this, go to your project page and click on COMPLETE REGISTRATION, then click "CHOOSE SPACE". Finally click "APPLY" next to any space you are interested in. Additional information is under support at
4) Did you apply for a HFF Scholarship? *
The deadline for submission was November 27 . They will be awarded in early January.
5) What is your Company name? *
Company or Individual Name
Your answer
6) Who is your Contact Person? *
Only one contact person
Your answer
7) What is the contact person's Email? *
Your answer
8) What is best Phone number to reach them? *
Your answer
9) What Country and City are they located in? *
i.e., Los Angeles CA., Chicago IL, Paris France,
Your answer
10) What other roles do they fill besides being the contact person? *
ie. Producer, Writer, Director, Actor.
Your answer
11) Has the contact person produced in another HFF? *
12) What is the Title of the Show? *
Your answer
13) Who is it Written by?
Your answer
14) Who is it Directed by?
Your answer
15) Is this a local, national or international show? *
What is location of the majority of your cast and crew in the show?
16) What is your show's HFF Category? *
Check all that apply
17) What type of show is it? *
Check all that apply
18) What is the Length of the Show? *
Please put in minutes. Numbers Only.
Your answer
19) What is the Cast size - Actors / Musicians / Dancers? *
Your answer
20) What is the Crew size- Not including the Asylum SM? *
Your answer
21) What is the Ticket Price? *
$12 is the average price. Above $20 can be viewed as high, with some exceptions (Musical, 2 hour shows, Immersive). Pay What You Can is often used for preview shows. Solo shows are usually around $5-10. Ensembles $15-20. Plan on using discount codes.
Your answer
22) What is the Minimum Age? *
23) Please write a brief Description of your show. *
Approx 500 Words
Your answer
24) Are you interested in the following Asylum Services *
Before you fill out this part of the form, make sure to go through the VENUE PACKET with related information.


1) Check boxes for all Asylum Spaces you are interested in.
2) What is the best way to discuss the deal with the contact?
We would like to have a short talk with you before or after a tour. What is your preference?
4) What is the best time to contact you or tour the space
Your answer
5) What is the number of Previews for HFF18 you are interested in?
Available June 1-5, 2018 - We suggest 1 preview.
Your answer
6) What is the number of Shows during the actual HFF18 you are interested in?
Available June 7 - 24, 2018. Average is 5 shows (Including your preview). 3-7 shows can work as well. Over 7 can be discussed.
Your answer
7) What are your schedule conflicts in June?
These will be honored when we give you your schedule.
Your answer
8) What is your desired schedule?
You will want to spread out days and times as much as possible.We will discuss more when we talk.
Your answer
9) What are your Tech Needs?
Each space will have a different selection of set pieces, including chairs, a table, cubes and possibly a couch. You will not be able to paint the space. Anything you want to hang or screw into must be cleared by a Certified Venue Manager.
Your answer
10) Immersive Shows- What is your Set-up and Audience Plan?
Please describe your general plan including load in time needed and what you are bringing in for your "world building". Also, what is your process of moving your audience through the space?
Your answer
11) What are your Storage Needs?
General rule of thumb for Fringe shows is to bring everything and take everything with you for every show --keep it light, simple, be creative and utilize your whole cast. Rare exceptions are made and some spaces do allow for approved storage, but it's not always guaranteed.
Your answer
12) If you're a Musical- Do you have a live band?
13) If Yes to Band, please describe.
Your answer
14) Do you need a projector?
Extra fee may apply.
15) Is there Nudity?
16) Is there a Strobe Effect?
If so, you must have a warning sign for the audience in the lobby . Not all venues have strobe effect.
17) Is there a Smoking?
Deterred. The audience really doesn't like it. Not all venues allow smoking. If allowed only green tea and you must have a warning sign in the lobby for the audience.
18) Are there Gun shots?
This needs to be a sound file or cleared through the city. If so, you must have a warning sign in the lobby for the audience.
19) Performance Rights Status- You must have rights before booking a space.
20) Do you plan on having Equity Actors?
Equity has changed rules regarding 99 seat productions. There are 3 possible ways to work with Equity Actors during the HFF18. 1) The producer is an AEA member. 2) You are an AEA approved Membership company. 3) You have a 50 seat showcase agreement with AEA. Information available here:
21) Additional Note to the Asylum
Your answer
You must also fill out SECTION 1 and this SECTION III to completely submit to the ENCORES & EXTENSIONS

We are proud to announce we have entered into a working partnership with the FRINGE ENCORE SERIES (based in NYC). Together they will be nominating and selecting the shows from Hollywood Fringe Festival to be offered an Encore in New York as part of this year's series.

1) Do you want to submit for consideration for the ENCORE Producers' Award?
The Encore Producer Awards represent the best of the Hollywood Fringe as selected by venue producers based on artistic merit and commercial potential. The extensions immediately follow the HFF2018 and run through July in participating fringe venues. Shows receive valuable extensions giving them the opportunity for additional audience, press and awards following HFF18. Rules and information are available at or mail any questions to
2) If Yes to the question above , what is your July availability for the ENCORES.
Your answer
3) Do you want to submit for consideration for Combined Artform's Pick of the Fringe?
Pick of the Fringe are 60-90 min shows occurring throughout the HFF18. Each show is a variety of HFF projects, performing 7-10 minutes of their piece, selected by veteran theater producers. Co-produced with Fringe Management.
4) Do you want to submit for consideration for QQQ?
This is for an extended run at an LA Theater which is co-produced with Asylum / Combined Artform.
5) Do you want to submit for consideration for TAC?
This is for an extended 4-8+ week co-pro run at The Actors Company.
6) Do you agree to give complimentary tickets to participating producers for Award consideration?
We limit it to 3 judges.
7) Are you going to other Fringe Festivals this Year?
8) Have you participated in other Fringe Festivals and Runs?
ie... SF Fringe 2014, SD Fringe 2015, NY Solo Fest 2014,
Your answer
9) List Previous Reviews (links)
Your answer
10) What is your Facebook Page?
Your answer
11) What is your Twitter Handle(s)?
Your answer
12) What is your Instagram?
Your answer
13) What is your website, other then HFF Site?
Your answer
14) Are you interested in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?
15) Are you interested in the San Diego Fringe Festival?
16) Are you interested in the San Francisco Fringe Festival?
17) Are you interested in the New York Fringe Festival?
18) Are you interested in doing the FRINGE ENCORE SERIES (IN NYC- Sept/Oct)
Fringe Encore Series (Darren Lee Cole, artistic director) was created as a learning center and stepping stone for the talented and amazing productions that are a part of The New York International Fringe Festival every August in New York City. Now having expanded to include the largest Fringe Festivals in the world including Hollywood Fringe. Each fall, Fringe Encore Series presents the “best of” productions from each festival and allows these worthy shows a chance to perform in New York City at the historic SoHo Playhouse.
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