Student Scholarship Application - 2021 Virtual Vermont Early Childhood Conference
Eligibility:  VTAEYC Student Scholarships for the Annual ECE Conference will be awarded to applicants who are current students from Vermont high schools, career/technical programs, colleges, and universities. To qualify, applicants must either live or work in Vermont, and be enrolled in Early Childhood Education programs or programs in related fields.

The scholarship will cover the cost of admission to any and all of the 2021 Vermont Early Childhood Education Virtual Conference sessions including those coming up on Monday 11/8 and Tuesday 11/9

Current application deadline: November 4th, 5 pm. This will allow enough time to process applications for the November Program and time for students to register for the sessions.

Awarded Applicants: If a student was awarded a scholarship in September or October then there is no need to reapply- you've got it!! However, if you want to go to sessions in November and you have not registered for them then go in and do that now.

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