Canadian Tax Journal Policy Forum: Request for Input
The Canadian Tax Foundation publishes a Policy Forum section in the Canadian Tax Journal. Typically, this section consists of three or four short articles offering a variety of perspectives on a topical policy issue. Recent topics include election platform costing, provincial finances, reform of corporate taxation, and offshore tax evasion.

As the new journal co-editor responsible for the Policy Forum, I am circulating this survey with a view to (1) getting feedback from readers on the current format of this section, (2) identifying people who would be interested in contributing to the Policy Forum, and (3) identifying topics of interest to readers and contributors.

Please complete this survey if you have an interest in tax policy in Canada. Comments may be submitted at the end of the survey or sent to me directly at All responses will be kept confidential, and not shared outside the Canadian Tax Journal's editorial team.

Frances Woolley
Co-editor, Canadian Tax Journal
Professor of Economics, Carleton University
I read the Canadian Tax Journal Policy Forum
Clear selection
The typical Policy Forum submission is about 5,000 words long. This is:
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I would like to see more articles from internationally recognized experts discussing tax policy around the world.
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In the future, I would like to see the Policy Forum address the following topics:
Are there any changes that you would like to see in the Policy Forum?
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