One Root One Communi-Tree (Phase2) 21 July - 30 November 2021
The pandemic may have changed our way of living, but if definitely has not broken our spirits as Green Heroes! Once again EEG has started the year with a positive outlook, grasping opportunities that lead to a sustainable future. The pandemic has helped us to review and reflect on our past actions. It has served as an eye-opener for many countries. People have begun to realise the importance of preserving our mother earth. Health, safety and wellbeing became central to the resiliency and sustainability discussion in a way that it has never occurred before. Countries are bringing sustainable solutions to be a part of their Post-COVID recovery plan. Businesses have started integrating sustainability goals into their projects. The COVID-19 crisis is likely to increase awareness that companies must consider societal needs and ethical standards, not just short-term profits.

People are becoming environmentally aware and have started taking responsibility for their actions seriously. It is seen that more and more people have been promoting sustainable goods and services. Moreover, consumers and customers have been vocal about environmental, social and government strategies laid for the corporates.

Since the inception of EEG 30 years ago, we have advocated the importance of collaboration and working together to achieve sustainable progress. Now more than ever, we are calling on everyone to unite and participate in Phase 2 of the “One Root, One Communi-tree” (OROC) project.
The Phase 1 of OROC saw a registration of 227 entities, with a total collection of 212,845 kg of Paper; 24,611 kg of Plastic, 544 kg of Aluminium Cans; 1,457 pcs of Mobile Phones; 829 pcs of Toners and 35,921 kg of Glass Bottles.

We hope that in Phase 2, as we return to normalcy and the markets having re-opened, more entities will be able to register, participate and record bigger targets.

The main aim of the project is to divert waste materials away from the landfill while engaging communities and giving the participants of the project a chance to plant indigenous trees, providing everyone in the nation with a great opportunity to take part in the afforestation efforts to combat desertification and reduce impacts of climate change.

The Phase 2 of OROC will be conducted from 21st July – 30th November 2021 for all including the corporate sector, the academic institutions and families.

You may choose to collect and deposit any or all of the mentioned recyclable materials detailed in the flyer within the specified time period of two weeks to qualify.

Those participants who are committed towards achieving the set targets within the time period this year will be eligible for:

• To receive a Certificate of Participation.
• To plant indigenous trees under their name in a public space in UAE on 21st December 2021.
• To receive Certificate of Achievement (the participant with the most recyclable collection under each category).
• To provide a quote to be posted on EEG social media platforms (highest achiever in each category).

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