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We have discovered it is VITALLY IMPORTANT for an ongoing, positive working relationship that we be in alignment in terms of values and business philosophy. Toward that end we ask that you check out our business philosophy here. If there are places where you feel we might have a hard time working together, please let us know.
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Our Show Notes Process
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Would you like your show notes written in first person (as if you are writing them) or third person (as if someone else is writing them)?
Are you going to need help getting CUSTOM MUSIC for your show?
We have music pros who can compose exactly what you're looking for. This is a one-time $200 cost and the music will be yours forever.
Are you going to need our help getting a PROFESSIONAL VOICE-OVER for your show?
We've partnered with some of the best in the business and can get the right feel | male/female | accent you want. This is a one-time $150 cost and the audio will be yours forever.
Are you going to need our help getting COVER ART for your show?
We've got professional graphic artists standing by to crank out whatever you need. This is a one-time $150 fee and the artwork is yours foreer.
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