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Kearney Farmer's Market Rules
Kearney Farmers & Artisan Market 2021 Rules
Location: Nuts & Bolts Parking Lot – NW Corner of 33/92 Hwy – Kearney MO

Primary Goals of the Kearney Farmers Market:
To provide a location for an organized Farmers Market, which will be a profitable outlet for local farmers and residents of the Kearney community, and to increase the number of potential patrons in the downtown business district, providing additional opportunities for the downtown merchants to promote and interact with these potential patrons, while providing a reliable resource for an ample selection and variety of high quality fresh and locally grown produce and food products for area residents.

What can be sold:
A. Raw agricultural Products: This category includes fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, flowers, bedding plants and potted plants. Bedding and potted plants, must be grown from seeds, starter plugs, cuttings, bulbs or bare root, and be well established in its current container, by the seller. No resale of pre-finished plants is allowed. No sale of pre-finished plants purchased in individual re-sellable containers. Production records must be maintained and available to the KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET Team if requested.

B. Value-added Agricultural Products: This category includes products made of raw agricultural products grown /raised/produced by a KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET vendor that have been processed. Examples are jams and jellies, salsas, oils, vinegars, baked goods, cider, molasses, ice cream, burritos, sandwiches, picked out nuts, etc., and similar processed products that may not be covered by other KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET rules. Vendors of value-added products must abide by all Clay County Health Department regulations. The value-added product must contain significant/meaningful material grown or produced by the vendor. All value-added products must be listed in the vendor application. If a product is not listed on your application, it cannot be sold without approval of the KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET Team.

C. Artisan Products: This category includes farm, garden, or food related products made without raw agricultural products grown by the vendor. Examples include: juried arts and crafts, handmade soap, handcrafted furniture, other garden related products, pottery and similar items. The member selling them must have created these items. These products are admitted at the discretion of the KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET Team. Any stall with greater than fifty percent artisan products in the members’ possession at the opening bell of a market session shall be an Artisan stall. Artisan stalls shall not exceed 30% of the total market.

D. Meat and other Animal Products: This category includes meats, poultry, milk, cheese, eggs, farm-raised fish, honey, wool, leather, and other products derived from animals. All slaughter animals shall be in the vendors’ immediate custody, care and control a minimum of fifty percent of the animals’ life at the time of slaughter. Vendors must abide by all regulations (Federal, State, and Clay County). All animal products sold at the KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET should come from a known source, no resale of trader or sale barn livestock and no livestock from any condemned or “for slaughter only” herds shall be sold in any form. No live animals are to be sold at the market. No live animals will be displayed without a week’s advance permission from the Team. Placement of animals shall be determined by the Market Manager. Animals will be displayed no closer than twenty feet from food products. Eggs require a Missouri egg permit, and handling of eggs and egg products like meringue pies, require proper temperature control.

Kearney Farmers Market Action Team:
The Kearney Farmers Market Action Team will be made up of one merchant from the Downtown Kearney district, one resident of the Kearney R1 School District, and one Kearney Farmers Market vendor who is an active participant in the market, and resides in the boundaries of the Kearney R1 School District.

To be a vendor of the KFM, you must be a resident that lives within a 150-mile radius of Kearney, Missouri and have prior approval of the KFM Action Team. A vendor application will need to be filled out and turned in one week in advance of the intended market participation. (The Market Manager may approve an application on a probation basis for a period of one week or until the next KFM meeting, at the Market Manager’s discretion.) For the 2017 season, a fee of $125 will be required for each stall space. The 2017 season will open on Saturday May 6 and close in October. Hours will be 7:00am to 12:00 noon or until you have sold out. Members may only leave the market before 12:00 noon if given permission by the market manager. Vendors need to arrive thirty minutes before the opening of the market. Those who arrive late three times will lose their designated booth space and will be directed by the Market Manager where to set up. No disruptions of the market will be allowed by a late arriving vendor. Note: all vendors of the Kearney Farmer’s Market are required to familiarize themselves with the laws and requirements laid out by the Clay County Health Dept. related to Farmers Market Regulations. Vendors are expected to abide by these laws and regulations at all times. The KDRG assumes no responsibility for enforcing these laws. The Clay County Health Department has assured us that they will be inspecting the market at their discretion. No sampling is allowed, without a Clay County Health Dept. temporary food permit prominently displayed. Contact Clay County Public Health Department at 816-595-4200.

Stall Space:
Stall space width will be limited to increments of 10 feet measured on the parking lot. Depth is left to the discretion of the Market Manager.

Each vendor is required to display at all times, (in a prominent location), a vendor information sign. This sign will include business name, owner, address, and phone number. The form for this sign is available from the KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET Market Manager. Also, a sign indicating the origin of the produce or product and whether it is grown by the vendor or is a resale product. Vendors are encouraged to list additional information such as (vendor does not spray, Organic, (only if it is certified), no chemical fertilizer, and etc.) All Clay County Health Department permits must be prominently displayed during market hours.

Vendors are required to sell only agricultural produce grown on farms within a 100 mile radius of Kearney, Mo. Although this market would be most favorable to farmers who only sell what they grow themselves, produce may be purchased for resale if it is grown by a farmer within the 100 mile radius. Signage would then indicate the origin of this produce. The current homegrown to resale percentages are 75% homegrown to 25% resale. These percentages will be set by the KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET Team on an annual basis. Exceptions will be made for the May and June markets as the Team deems best for the current growing season. Farmers are permitted to sell: fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, trees, fresh and dried flowers, herbs, and nuts. Other items will be approved by the KDRG FM Team on a case by case basis.

Artisan and Specialty vendors:
Artisan and special vendors from a 150-mile radius of Kearney, Missouri are permitted to make application to the KDRG FM Team for booth space at the market. Products offered will be approved by the Team on a case by case basis. The Artisan and Specialty products must be a high quality product or service that the KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET Team feels would add to the atmosphere and variety of the market. All items offered by the Artisan and Specialty vendors must be produced by the vendor. No items purchased for resale are permitted in this category of vendors. Samples of products may be required by the Team in determining as to what is, and is not appropriate for the market. Artisan and Specialty Vendors may not exceed 15% of the total market.

Canopies, Umbrellas, and Potential Hazards:
Each Vendor is responsible for making sure their selling area is safe. All canopies and umbrellas must be weighted or tied down at each corner. Each vendor is also responsible for their own trash. Please no dumping of spoiled or waste produce. Each vendor is expected to leave their space clean upon departure.

Special Markets:
Special Markets if any, will be determined by the KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET Team. Fees for special markets if any will be set at the time of designation.

The KEARNEY FARMERS MARKET Team reserves the right to amend these rules at any regularly scheduled Team meeting, without notice, by a 2/3rds vote of the Team.

Solicitation is prohibited in the market at all times.
By Signing Below, I attest that I have read, understand and agree to the Kearney Farmers & Artisan Market Rules
Return to: Barbara at Firehouse Community Center via mail: Firehouse Community Center | 106 S Jefferson, Kearney, MO 64060 Questions: Barbara Haney @ 816-635-0566 or via email:
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