EDA NM Rainforest University Center Seminar - Carrying Out Customer Discovery in a Virtual World
Complete this assessment to receive credit for viewing the October 14, 2020 New Mexico Rainforest EDA University Center Seminar, "Carrying Out Customer Discovery" by Susan Cornelius. Recordings and supplemental materials can be found at NMRainforest.com.
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I have already designed my device.  I do not yet have a patent or trademarks but everyone says it is a brilliant idea.  Now, my coach is asking me to do customer interviews to see who wants to buy it.  I know my product works.  We have already tested it in a laboratory.  What are the reasons I have to do customer interviews? *
What is the purpose of the Business Model Canvas or BMC? *
True or False.  Product Innovation alone will not be enough to ensure our company’s continuing success.  The Business Model Canvas helps us to systematically build on shared experience and based on data make creative decisions.  It is a toolkit that will lead us to the most difficult of questions. *
To identify potential customers, partners, or channels to interview, we have to: *
What does the term "pivot" mean in relation to product development and customer discovery? *
A Value Proposition is defined as a 90 second statement that answers which of the following questions: *
Write a brief value prop below for your business idea, product, or service. (for example. “For  ____________ (target customer) who ___________  (statement of the need or opportunity) our (product/service name) is  ____________  (product category) that (statement of benefit) ____________ .") *
A product story board has as its purpose to design a better product, a better user experience, and a better business model.  It answers which of the following questions and statements? *
True or False.  To make better decisions and move fast to identify those with whom you want to do Customer Interviews, zoom in on a specific person who you think would be most likely to buy or use your product. *
True or False. The most productive question to ask at the end of the interview is:  “I am wondering if you have two additional potential customers or channels whom I can contact?” *
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