Texas Success Initiative (TSI) RSVP Form- Wednesday Feb 26, 2020
Dear Students,

On Wednesday Feb 26th, we will be offering the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) after school starting at 1:30 p.m. Students will be released from school early that day due to Parent Teacher Conference.

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is an assessment that helps the university determine if the student is college ready. Students are tested in three general areas: Reading, Writing and Mathematics.In order for the student to be eligible to take the TSI Assessment, he/she must complete the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity and turn in the Verification form to their counselor.

To complete the required TSI Pre-Assessment, students may go to the following link: http://ctle.hccs.edu/gcpass/TSIPracticeTests/tsipracticetests.htm

After completing the 3 practice tests, you will fill out the verification form and submit it. You will then turn the submitted verification form to your counselor: https://sites.austincc.edu/paa/5-student-resources/congratulations-you-have-completed-the-paa/ . If you completed the Pre-assessment and submitted the verification previously you do NOT have to resubmit it again to your counselor. We highly recommend you to do preassessment from Austin Community College for extra practice.

TO RSVP for the test, please fill out the survey below. Deadline to RSVP is Monday February 24th.
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