Rice BIOE Network: Submit Post-Graduation Information
Hello Rice BIOE alumni!

Thank you for participating in the Rice BIOE Network! This system is based on two Google forms - one for current students and one for alumni:

The student form allows Rice students (no information will be sent out to non-Rice email addresses) to request alumni information based on the career paths they are interested in.

This form (the alumni form) is used to submit and update alumni information. After submitting, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to edit your responses. You will also periodically (every 1-2 years) receive an email with the same link and a reminder to update your information if it has changed.

This form includes a question about what I can do with the information collected. Please mark whatever you feel comfortable helping with. Your information will only be shared to the extent that you allow.

I hope that sharing this career information will help current students when planning their professional career, and also allow students to develop contacts outside the hedges.

I hope things are going great for you! I can't wait to hear what you have been up to since you left Rice!

Renata Ramos
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Please mark whichever option(s) you would feel comfortable with:
The goal of this is to provide mentorship opportunities. My guess is that you will not be contacted regularly unless someone wants to do what you are doing and would like to learn more about how you got there.
Are you currently living in or near Houston?
This won't be sent out with the email to students; it will primarily be used when planning events with alumni, so we know who is located nearby and might be able to attend. If you did not select the "Being contacted for opportunities such as networking events, panels, symposiums organized for the students" option above, you will not be contacted for/invited to such events regardless of your location.
Career Path: *
These categories are intentionally broad, but to give a few examples: Health Related might include working as a doctor or in public health ~~ Graduate School: Academia would mainly entail getting a Ph.D. with the goal of going into teaching/research ~~ Graduate School: Industry can include getting a masters or Ph.D. with the goal of working in industry ~~ Industry might mean working in R&D, sales, regulatory affairs, etc. within a bioengineering-related industry ~~ Other includes consulting, government or nonprofit work, and so much more!
Tell me a little bit about yourself (where you are, what you have done since you graduated, etc.)
This is meant to help students know what you have done so that they can learn from your experiences. Ideally, this will the posted on the website.
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