SY 21-22 1st Sem Early Sign Up Form
Thank you for your interest in PCCR and our programs.

This Early Sign Up Form is not yet the Enrollment Form. Enrollment for Freshmen starts May 17 while Transferees starts June 01.

But we would like to get to know you this early so we can prepare for your college life with us.

Plus filling up this Form gives you :

1. EXCLUSIVE and FREE access to our webinars focused on the exciting field of Criminology. You will have an idea of what is in store for you as you start your Freshman year.

2. EXCLUSIVE and FREE access to our technical webinars to help you adjust to our online learning platform. We will teach you how to attend your online classes, submit your classwork and other school related activities.

3. Invitations to our Virtual Open House (VOH). A virtual opportunity for you and your parents to be clarified about our programs and other information about PCCR.

Once you fill up and submit this Form we shall always be in touch with you to guide you as we prepare for the new school year.

The Fom can be filled up in 15 minutes or less but please provide accurate and updated information.

The email address you will provide should be your active email address. This is the address we will use to communicate with you.

You may now start your early sign up.
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