Armadale Tennis Club 2020 Registration Form
Welcome to the 2020 season! To sign up for your 2020 ATC Membership, please fill out the form below.

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Membership Card and lock combo will be issued at the Armadale Tennis Club location.
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By entering your signature you agree to: 1) Pay all membership and program fees in full. (No refunds available) Note: Lessons will only be rescheduled to make-up rain dates. 2) Release Armadale Tennis Club for claims from damages to personal property or person arising from any accident or injury, whatsoever the cause, while participating in any paid or volunteered club activities and programs. 3) Follow and abide to all the rules and regulations imposed by City of Markham and Armadale Tennis Club, failing such will be prohibited from playing at Armadale Tennis Club.
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