Translating Somali Voices to Put Somalia Back on the Front Page of the News
Dear friend, thank you very much for your interest in supporting this important project in partnership with the Somali Diaspora, Al-Jazeera, Ushahidi, Souktel, Crowdflower and other contributors. We are recruiting Somali speaking volunteers to translate and map text messages from Somalia on an Ushahidi map. This map will be promoted by Al-Jazeera to put Somalia back on the front page of the news. To volunteer for this project, we are looking for Somali-English bilingual speakers who are also familiar with the map of Somalia--ie, who know very well where most of the cities, towns, etc., are located. If you think you have the skills, then please fill out the form below. We'll then send you the link to the website where you can start to support this important effort!

Thank you very much!

The Somalia Team

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