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oraibi is one of the oldest continually inhabited villages in America
according to the guide's lecture, the Hopi reservation is surrounded by the Navajo reservation
a remarkable description about the Hopi people
on the protected Hopi reservation in the beautiful Arizona desert
Tewa, Sichomovi, and Walpi are three villages atop the mesa
breathtaking, cliff-side stone houses are
Complete Subject?? Regular exercise helps prevent certain diseases.
Simple Subject?? People in excellent health also feel better emotionally.
Simple Subject?? Sensible, safe, low-impact exercise is ideal.
Simple Predicate?? This new museum will certainly attract more visitors.
Complete Predicate?? An innovative, unusual work of art can provoke thought.
Simple Predicate?? Everyone, not just top athletes, needs to be physically active.
Simple Subject?? At the top of the page, the writer listed sources he had used.
Simple Subject?? The girls' gymnastics squad at my high school is training for the district championship.
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