Toquet Hall Middle School Governing Board Application
2020-2021 School Year

This is an application to become a member of the Teen Governing Board for Toquet Hall, Westport's Teen Center. The Governing Board meets every 2 weeks and is responsible for planning and promoting events as well as steering the look and feel of the center.

* Must be in middle school and live in Westport or attend school in Westport. While Toquet is CLOSED for the COVID Pandemic, the board is still meeting virtually and planning programs.
Email address *
Why are you interested in joining the Toquet Hall Teen Governing Board?
What would you bring to the Toquet Governing Board?
Have you ever been to Toquet before? Y/N
Clear selection
How would you advertise programs and events to the MIddle Schools/your peers? In other words, how do you usually hear about events?
If you could plan one thing (be as creative as possible) at Toquet Hall, what would it be?
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