2019-20 Kinder Konzerts Registration
Please take a moment to fill out all the fields to this form. When entering the number of students, please estimate as accurately as possible. Do not hold extra spots for the sake of holding, we can adjust up or down if necessary. Realistic numbers allow us to be able to accommodate all schools. After you hit "submit" your responses will be recorded. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a notification from FRIENDS with your date and time.
School/Daycare Center Name *
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Number of Children *
Please enter the most realistic number of children you anticipate bringing to Orchestra Hall. A final count is due two weeks prior to your Kinder Konzerts date.
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Groups of Children *
Will your children be divided into groups by classroom or by another manner? If so, please list the number of groups you will be bringing so we can plan to keep them grouped together or divided accordingly.
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Number of Adults *
There is no limit to the number of adults you can bring, in fact, we encourage parents & grandparents to come - they will love the music too! We understand this number is prone to fluctuations, and that's fine. Getting as accurate count of the children is more important than the adults. Please note that paid staff are free, any other adult chaperone is required to purchase a ticket.
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Select Preferred Date (1st Choice) *
We will try to accommodate everyone's first choice as much as possible. Please select only one date per question.
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Please select only one date per question.
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Please select only one date per question.
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Each Kinder Konzerts lasts approximately 70 minutes.
Main Point of Contact *
The FRIENDS office will communicate schedule confirmation, invoice, materials, etc. with this person. If you would like multiple people to be copied on the emails, please list them (and their contact info) in the "notes" section at the bottom of the form.
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Primary E-mail Address *
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Primary Phone Number *
xxx-xxx-xxxx and note any extension numbers.
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Alternate E-mail Addresses
If you are reachable at another email address please list it here.
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Alternate Phone Numbers
Please list any additional phone numbers you would like us to use to contact you (summer numbers vs. office numbers). Include additional names if needed.
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For mailing purposes.
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Are you interested in attending or getting more information about an educator's workshop?
Our workshop dates this year are Saturday, September 21, 2019 and Saturday, January 11, 2020.
Notes or Special Requests
Please list alternate points of contact here or anyone you would like cc'd on communication. Please also let us know if your group will need any special accommodations.
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