Community/Non-Teacher Recommendation Form for the Emily K Pioneer Scholars Program
Pioneer Scholars is an afterschool college readiness program for academically-focused elementary and middle school students who want to attend college after high school. The program is designed specifically for students who are performing at or above grade level benchmarks and whose family income falls within federal low income eligibility guidelines. Students attend programming at the Emily K Center immediately after school until 5:30 pm Monday through Friday throughout the school year. During the program, each student is assigned a Lead Tutor who develops an individualized curriculum that enhances students’ academic knowledge, reinforces their achievement in school, and develops their orientation toward college. The goal of the program is to establish a strong foundation of academic and leadership skills so that students enter high school ready to complete a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum. There is no cost to participate in this program.

Student Admission Criteria
The Center is committed to enrolling students who are the best fit for the support this program provides. We are
seeking students who demonstrate the following four characteristics:

Academic Focus:
Students must demonstrate that they are academically-capable, motivated, and invested in their
success in school. Strong applicants have an intellectual curiosity and are responsible for their own learning, interactions, and conduct. The typical Pioneer Scholars student maintains grades of “A/4” and/or “B/3” in school while working at or above their grade level. In addition, all applicants must submit documentation of consistent and excellent attendance at school.

Leadership Ability:
Students must demonstrate they are able to work collaboratively with peers and are involved, positive members of their school community. All applicants must be able to obtain positive recommendations from individuals who can speak to the student’s academic and leadership skills as well as display high levels of ambition and academic curiosity. In addition, all of our students are expected to embody and consistently demonstrate our six leadership and character pillars:
Heart: Dream with courage, daring, and passion.
High Expectations: Commit to excellence in everything you do.
Hard Work: Do your best at every task so that you are a responsible member of your family, team, and community.
Integrity: Choose to do the right thing no matter who is watching.
Honesty: Make truth the basis of your success so that you are a trustworthy member of your family, team, and community.
Respect: Achieve with respect and care for yourself and for the dignity and potential of others.

Financial Need:
Students must reside and attend school in Durham County, NC and demonstrate financial need.

Family Support:
Families must be committed to participating actively in the program and supporting their student in achieving his/her academic goals. This includes arranging transportation to and from the program each day, ensuring student attends regularly, reinforcing program goals and leadership pillars, attending family conferences and expecting and encouraging academic achievement.

In order for a student to be considered for enrollment in the program, we must receive recommendations from individuals who can speak to a student’s academic and leadership skills. This feedback is an essential part of our admissions process. Please answer these questions thoughtfully and completely. If you have questions, contact Nephitearya Bailey by telephone at 680-0308 ext. 2002 or email at You may submit this recommendation online by visiting
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