St. Anne's Parish: Pre-Registration for Baptism
We are happy to hear that you have a new arrival in your family or soon will have. St. Anne's faith community is looking forward to celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism to welcome your son/daughter into God’s family and the faith family of St. Anne.
Be assure our prayers and support are with you as you prepare to welcome your new one into your home and to be received into God’s continual care, mercy and love.

Filling this form is step one after this you will be required to do online Baptismal prep course.
If you are not within our parish boundaries or a member of St. Anne parish you will require a letter permission from your local/former parish priest.

Lord, surround this child with goodness, lead him/her in Your light each day; Help him/her walk the path You've chosen, guide his/her steps along the way... Teach him/her to trust Your wisdom with a faith from up above; Keep him/her from all harm and bless him/her with Your grace and love.
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If you are from another Roman Catholic Parish. Do you have your Pastor permission to have your child baptized at St. Anne? *
Godparent Chosen: One of the Godparents must be a practicing Roman Catholic who has been confirmed and is over the age of 16. *
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