The Starlight Pass - Check My Progress!
Do you think you've already made progress on your Starlight Pass? Do you want to keep working to complete the Pass? Awesome! Fill out this form and we'll check stuff out for you!

Instructions: please fill out your name and email address. This **must be** the email address you have used to sign up for classes. If you have multiple emails that you've used, please put them all in.

For any students or instructors who have made progress on their Starlight Pass requirements and are interested in continuing, we will prepare a Starlight Pass and notebook for you that can be picked up at the Church of Our Saviour in Brookline. This notebook and pass will be prepared to reflect all of the classes you have already completed. You'll be notified when these are ready. You **must** fill out this form to receive a prepared notebook and pass.

Students or instructors who fill out this form and have completed 5 of these classes will receive their vouchers via email (one free class for you, one free Lindy 1 for a friend). Students or instructors who fill out this form and have completed all 10 of these classes will be notified via email, and we will also touch base with you regarding your track jacket, private consultation-style lesson, and discount on future BLH classes.

As a reminder, the required classes are:
-Five (5) Lindy 3 series, one (1) each, on the following topics (each Lindy 3 description will contain information about which requirement the class can fulfill):
---Slow Lindy
---Routine/Performance/Fast Lindy/Next Level Charleston
---Moving Beyond Moves
-Two (2) Fundamentals series on any topic. These classes must be distinct from the Fundamentals class you took to qualify for Lindy 3.
-Retake one (1) Lindy 1 series (either in your primary role or the opposite role)
-Retake any two (2) Level 2 curriculum classes. These include all Lindy 2 classes, Partnered Charleston, or Solo Jazz and the Shim Sham.

Retakes of Lindy 1 and Lindy 2 only count towards the Starlight Pass if you retake them after you have taken your first Lindy 3 class, or concurrently with your first Lindy 3 class. The same rule applies to Fundamentals classes, which only count towards your Starlight Pass if you take them after or concurrently with your first Lindy 3 class.

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If you have already taken some of the required classes, do you want us to prepare a Starlight Pass and notebook for you? *
Approximately how many classes do you think you've taken that count towards your Starlight Pass? This can be a complete guesstimate, and we will double check - it can just be helpful to get a sense of where you think you are when we're going back through your records.
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