Abstract Submission ACUBE 2020
Please use the following form to submit an abstract for the 2020 Association of College and University Biology Educators on-line conference to be held October 24-25th 2020. Abstract deadline is September 1, 2020. Notification of acceptance will be made on a rolling basis.
Type the title in small letters, except for abbreviations, the first letter of the title and the first letter of each proper noun.
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Your abstract should clearly and concisely describe what you will present. If you are presenting a learning activity or lab exercise, describe the activity, intended student population and how the activity is used in the classroom or lab. If you are presenting biology education research, describe the research question or problem, research design and analysis. Formal assessment of a learning activity or approach is not required but the activity or approach should have been implemented at least once in the classroom or lab. Your abstract should include no more than 350 words.
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