Pro Dogs Direct - Adoption Application
ProDog’s priority is to find the best home for each dog. We assess our dogs in our care and reflect this in our rehoming threads.

To avoid disappointment please ensure that you have read the dogs rehoming thread thoroughly and only apply if you feel you can offer a home that suits their individual needs.

• All successful applications will be subject to a home check*
• Donation will be discussed if your application is shortlisted
• All successful applicants must be able to collect the dog from its foster home.
• A deposit will be required if your application is successful, prior to home check.
• If we decline post home check, we will refund. If applicant withdraws, deposit will be withheld, not refunded.
• Our dogs are in foster care in private homes and it is only possible to visit once all required adoption steps have been taken.

* With the current restrictions in place we will discuss our home check and collection procedures at time of interview
Name of Dog you wish to apply for *
Breed of Dog *
Applicants full name *
Age (of person adopting) *
Email address *
Phone number Landline & Mobile *
Address *
Town or City *
County *
Postcode *
Your home *
If you are renting do you have permission from the landlord to keep a dog? *
Is your garden *
Garden Continued - Please give min and max height of fence/wall
Please list all adults (over 18) in your household *
Please list all children and ages in your household. *
Do you have any holiday/hospital, house moves , or set commitments booked in the next couple of months? *
Do you, or any member of the home have any disabilities or impairments either physically or mentally, that mean you/they require additional help/resources to provide for the dog’s needs. Please provide as much information as you are comfortable with, as it will mean we are better placed to offer you types of dogs that are suitable to your needs?. *
How often would the dog be left alone and for how long? *
Do you work? If so, how many hours are you away from home *
Please list all the dogs in your household, including breed, gender, ages *
Are all dogs neutered *
If not neutered why not?
Have you recently been Home Checked by another rescue? If yes please provide details and also confirm you are happy for us to contact them to request a copy of your home check.
Please list all other pets in your household, including species *
Please tell us about your previous dog experience *
Please tell us about the routine you would have with the dog *
I understand that I have to travel to meet and collect my dog if successful *
I understand that if successful, a PDD representative will visit be to carry out a home check *
I understand that a set donation applies *
I understand that a PDD representative may visit me after the adoption *
I agree to return the dog to PDD if I am unable to look after him/her *
GDPR: This form collects your name, email and personal details solely for the purpose of matching owners to a Prodogs dog for adoption *
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