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Redeemed exists to be a voice of opposition and a source of funding for frontline charities committed to redeeming lives devastated by sex trafficking. Using jewelry as a platform, we raise awareness and mobilize consumers to make a difference with their purchasing power. Redeemed started in June 2017 and to date has given away over $11,000.00 Every summer a new charity is chosen. This charity is given 50% of our net proceeds.

Registered charities who meet the following criteria are invited to fill out this application form:
1. are a registered charity operating for a minimum of five years
2. are solely working to fight or assist victims of sexual exploitation, human trafficking and/or online sexual abuse material
3. have a strong social media presence
4. clear vision and mission outlined on website
5. if chosen, would be willing to share our posts monthly, include a link to Redeemed on their website, introduce us to your supporters, provide literature and promote Redeemed as much as possible
6. one contact person who is a prompt communicator
7. able to provide latest annual report
In your opinion and experience, how do people get involved in the commercial sex trade? Do you think anyone chooses this lifestyle? *
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Tell me how your organization would be willing to promote Redeemed and our partnership, if you are chosen? *
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More on Redeemed With Purpose
A new charity is chosen every summer. Recipient charity will receive 50% of net proceeds from September - June, this is donated twice a year. Charity must provide valid tax receipt. Charities are chosen based on their work with victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation or work against this crime, have charitable status, provide professional brochures and project information, have a solid reputation and a proven history of success, a minimum of five years old and be willing to share our posts on their social media (monthly) and website. If you have any questions or additional comments write here:
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