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1. Do you have an idea for a mobile app? *
2. Are you currently developing a mobile app? *
3. If currently developing, how far into development are you?
4. Which platform are you interested in? *
5. Are you interested in learning to develop your mobile app yourself? *
6. Are you interested in enrolling in an incubation program to receive mentoring from qualified professionals in the mobile app development environment? *
7. Are you interested in attending courses/workshops? *
8. If so, what topics/subject areas would you be interested in?
9. Are you interested in attending mobile app community networking events? *
10. For the best user friendly experience, are you interested in usability and functionality testing of your applications? *
11. What other areas in mobile app environment would you be interested in?
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12. Are you a member of the mCentre App Club? *
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