CAMP 510 Counselor Application 2018
Please submit this application as soon as possible, preferably on or before April 1, 2018. Applications will be accepted past that date; however, these limited positions are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.
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Frequently Asked Questions...
1. Who can apply for Counselor camp? Students 18 and over may apply for the Counselor position. Some exceptions may be made for students 16-18 if they have previously served as a CAMP 510 Junior Counselor (JC).

2. Why should I apply? The Counselor program is fun and rewarding! Not only will you be involved in camp activities, you’ll serve as a role model for young campers, as well as Junior Counselors. If hired as a Counselor, you will build relationships that last a lifetime; while also strengthening your leadership abilities and developing valuable job skills.

3. What do Counselors do? As a CAMP Counselor, young adults have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as they assist camp staff in daily operations. Counselors get to develop fun new skills (creating, making, tinkering, growing, cooking and sharing) while mentoring youth (CAMPers and Junior Counselors). Counselor’s are included in all aspects of CAMP!

Counselors work with the CAMP 510 teachers, makers and artists to help teach projects in the classrooms. They also work in our Extended Day Program (8am-9am and 3:15-6pm) playing with the campers, supervising sports, running gardening, arts, cooking or craft projects and other assorted club time activities. Counselors with unique skills and expertise may design a club of their own. The aim is to keep the campers safe, engaged, happy and making. This position is a natural extension of the JC program and will build upon that level of responsibility.

4. How does the application process work for becoming a Counselor? Everyone interested in becoming a Counselor must complete an application. Phone interviews will be held with each applicant on a rolling basis. All participants will receive an email or phone call about their acceptance into the Counselor program after the interview process, and will include a schedule of weeks to work.

5. What are the hours and pay? This position is offered as a temporary, mostly part-time job. There is some potential for weeks of full time work, please inquire directly. CAMP day (for staff) runs from 8:00am to 6:00pm. We need Counselors for all of this, though we don’t expect you to be there every day, all day. In applying for and accepting a position as Counselor, preference in hiring is given to candidates who can commit to working 6 or more weeks. We do request a commitment of at least 3 weeks this summer, though not necessarily consecutive weeks.

We do expect you to uphold your schedule commitments (There is a protocol for making schedule changes due to illness, etc.) but you are responsible for the shifts you commit to.

CAMP runs for nine consecutive weeks, so the more time you have, the better for us, and the better for the CAMPers!! Pay is relevant to your experience. ($13.23 is the current minimum wage in Oakland)

6. When is the Counselor training orientation? June 16, 2018--and this is mandatory

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