OntoFarm survey
Thank you for participating in this survey which aims at collecting feedback on usage, benefits and shortcomings of the OntoFarm collection [1]. We estimate that participating takes you up to ten minutes.

Ondřej Zamazal and Vojtěch Svátek
University of Economics, Prague (VŠE in Czech)
Members of Semantic Web and Ontological Engineering (SWOE) research group

[1] http://owl.vse.cz:8080/ontofarm/

1. OntoFarm dissemination *
How did you learn about the OntoFarm collection?
2. Reasons to select OntoFarm *
What have been the features for which you or your team chose OntoFarm for your project? (choose any number of options)
3. OntoFarm domain suitability *
Do you think that conference organization is a suitable domain for a widely usable experimental ontology collection?
In case you do not agree what is better domain in your opinion?
Your answer
4. OntoFarm application *
For which semantic web subfield have you used OntoFarm? (choose any number of options)
5. Ontologies used *
Have you used all ontologies from OntoFarm or only some of them? Please select which ontologies you have used.
6. Proposed improvement *
What do you think OntoFarm needs in order to become a better experimental collection for you or your team? (choose any number of options)
7. Repair procedure
In case you think that ontologies in OntoFarm should be repaired, what procedure would you prefer?
8. Future use of OntoFarm *
Do you plan to still use OntoFarm in the future?
In case you think that you will not use OntoFarm in the future, please specify why.
Your answer
9. Lacking features of ontology collections in general *
What are the most neglected ontology features that current ontology collections typically lack in general? (choose any number of options)
Contact information
Data from the questionnaire will be processed and presented in an anonymized way. However, we would be happy to know your identity. If you want, please tell us your name and affiliation. We could then more directly provide you our summary findings.
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