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This is a form to sign up to received the free fortnightly quiz from the Quiz Foundation of India, the QF1. What is the QF1? Read about it here:
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The proctor is the person who will be the point of contact to whom the quizzes will be emailed to. For colleges and institutions, the proctor can keep changing as the students pass out, employees leave. Whenever you need a change of proctor, please email with the name, email and phone number of the new proctor.
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Proctor's contact number will be added to the QF1 Proctors Whatsapp group. This is needed to receive alerts on new editions, other messages communicated to the Proctor Group. Please add your country code if you are not in India.
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This indicates the school/college/organization/apartment association/family or other group for which the QF1 is being organized for and you are a part of/responsible for. If you are taking the QF1 as a solo individual, write individual here.
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Please provide where you are based out of. QF1 is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.
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Quiz Foundation of India is a non-profit voluntary organization that runs on your donations and from annual subscriptions which run at Rs 1000 (equivalent USD 18/EUR 15 for outside India) a year. The subscription is voluntary and not mandatory to attend QFI live events, meetings or the fortnightly QF1. If you are not a current subscriber please consider subscribing to QFI as it helps fund our live events. Details here:
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