FunFlight 2019 Event Detail Form
Thank you for registering to participate in FunFlight Day on Saturday 27 July or Saturday 26 October.

We look forward to spreading the word about your FunFlight Day event, the information requested in this form will help the FunFlight Events Team create an Eventbrite page to share with your passengers.


Event detail form close date Friday 24 May, 5:00pm


Event detail form close date Friday 26 July, 5:00pm

After the event detail form closes., you will receive access to your Eventbrite page so you can keep track of registrations.

Contact us at or 1800 808 857 if you have any questions.
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General Event Details
Event date *
This year there are two FunFlight Days, please select the date you wish to host your event on.
Event location *
Please provide the exact address of where your event will take place.
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Postal address *
This address will be used for the FunFlight team to send you wristbands, boarding passes and merchandise. If this is a PO box, please ensure that they can accept packages.
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PAX number *
Please indicate the maximum number of passengers your aero club can accommodate on your indicted FunFlight Day.
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How many FunFlight caps do you have left from last year? *
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How many FunFlight banners do you have? *
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Will your aero club provide wheelchair access on FunFlight Day? *
Please consider flights, toilets and carpark/ site access.
To better manage the day, please split your event into sessions so all attendees don't arrive at start of the event and have to wait for their flight. The number and timing of your sessions will depend on your aero clubs resources and capacity.
For example:

Event time: 9:00am - 2:00pm
Maximum PAX: 100

Session 1: 9:00am - 12:00pm (50 passengers)
Session 2: 12:00pm - 2:00pm (50 passengers)

Passengers will arrive at the start of the session for registration and to collect their boarding passes and wrist bands.
Describe your planned event with sessions times and amount of people to fly per session *
Please refer to the example above
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Food/ activities/ entertainment
FunFlight Day is a fun day out, so we encourage your aero club to organise activities and entertainment for the families while they wait for their flight. In the past we've had face painting, jumping castles, music, plane formations/ demonstrations and many more!
Will your event provide lunch? *
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What activities/ entertainment will be at your event? *
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If you have organised a FunFlight event before, would you be willing to ‘mentor’ a new club; help them with ideas around organising the event? *
Any comments
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