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The Clinton School of Public Service actively seeks organizations from around the world to partner in providing an appropriate setting for the placement of its students for three different field projects, including and Practicum projects, International Public Service Projects (IPSP), Capstone projects. The Clinton School’s Master of Public Service (MPS) degree program requires each of its students to complete three field projects that meaningfully and substantively contribute to public service organizations including non-governmental organizations, government agencies, foundations, non-profits, and coalitions. Students accomplish projects that meet organizational priorities to address significant social issues. A brief description of the unique field service projects, as well as some examples of possible activities are below. Note that this is not a comprehensive list and those with questions about fit should contact the Office of Field Service Education.

Practicum Project
This is a first-year, team-based (3-5 students) project. Teams work within a 2-hour radius of Little Rock from early September through late April. Projects include:
• Designing and conducting surveys, interviews, and focus groups;
• Facilitating public discussions and/or building stakeholder coalitions;
• Conducting best practice research;
• Conducting needs assessments to identify problems; and recommend appropriate solutions.

International Public Service Project
This immersive, cross-cultural project takes place after students' first year. Timeframe is 8-10 weeks and most students complete these projects between May and July. Projects options include all of the above and:
• Conducting primary and secondary research, and data analysis;
• Developing communication materials, program manuals, and capacity building tools;
• Asset mapping to identify resources and recommend future action.

Capstone Project
This culminating project draws on all skills and experiences that students have obtained during their masters program and should align with student career goals. Individual students complete a minimum of 250 contact hours with organizations anywhere in the world. Project options include all of the above and:
• Program planning and development;
• Developing and implementing outcome and impact assessments;
• Developing an advocacy plan and campaign;
• Conducting data analysis and writing recommendation reports;
• Creating or strengthening partnerships, coalitions, and teams.

If you would like a project to be considered, please complete the following form. For additional information please contact the Office of Field Service Education, by emailing

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As a Practicum Partner, you take on many roles. You are a community leader, an issue area expert, a supervisor, a role model for professionalism, and a mentor to your team of Clinton School students. The most effective partners have experience wearing these many hats and are an integral part to the overall success of the project. Please share any experiences you have had that are applicable to serving in the unique leadership role of Practicum Partner. *
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