Summer 2018 Faculty Engagement Awards
A common challenge cited by faculty who want to transition to openly licensed textbooks is the loss of homework, quiz, and self-check content items that are packaged with traditional textbooks. To help overcome this hurdle the 2018 Summer TLT Faculty Engagement Awards will offer grants to support the development of openly licensed ancillary materials. Open Collaborative Assessment Creation will offer faculty the opportunity to work collaboratively with peers in their field to create pedagogically sound assessment items. TLT staff will offer support and technology to assist with the creation, development, and delivery of the content items. To kick off the program we will be providing travel support for faculty to attend two face to face sessions at University Park on Monday June 4th and Tuesday June 5th as well as virtual meetings with teams throughout Summer 2018.

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During the Open Collaborative Assessment Creation process you will work in a team. Do you agree to work collaboratively to create agreed upon course goals and lesson objectives? 
Are you willing to create 250 unique multiple choice questions in your subject area that are tied to course goals and lesson objectives. *
Are you willing to be a lead for your discipline? This would include serving as the point person who reminds others of upcoming due dates, oversees that everyone completes their agreed upon amount of questions, and schedules any needed virtual meetings throughout the process. *
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Are you willing to commit to attending 5-7 meetings as well as participate in a faculty development program on best practices on assessment bank question authoring, technical training, and training on how to use the authoring/delivery systems? *
After the completion of the Open Collaborative Assessment Creation session, we may ask you to share your story. Would you be willing to share your experiences?
Are you currently or would you like to eventually use an open resource to replace traditional textbooks in your teaching? 
(Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research materials in any medium that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others.)
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