Fey's Sparklers Sign-Up (Author Street Team)
SPARKLER GOALS: The members of Fey's Sparklers will have missions. Maybe two a month, to start. If you complete a mission, you will get a prize. Or if the mission is a big one, the person who completes the mission with the highest score (details later) will get the grand prize.

The prizes could be...ANYTHING!

I'll also offer advanced reader copies (ARCs) to Fey's Sparklers and do fun contests. For example, you could help me name characters and get credit for it.

WHERE: Fey's Sparklers will have a private Facebook Group for all of this to take place, so I'll need to be able to add you there. All members will get one of my ebooks (of their choosing) as a gift when they join.

If you're interested in being a Sparkler, please fill out this form.

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