Speaker Application TEDxYouth@Seattle "It's Time"
The mission of TEDxSeattle is to create events and gatherings that are self-sustaining and enrich our audience, our speakers, our volunteers and our partners. In the spirit of TED’s Ideas Worth Spreading, TEDxSeattle is a unique gathering for the Greater Seattle community. The all-volunteer staff seeks to create events that are educational, inspiring, and motivational. Our first TEDx Youth event May 4th is a unique day long event of curated and coached talks, demonstrations, and performances showcasing inspirational work from all areas of our community. The goal over the course of the day is to provide a catalyst to empower at least some of those attending to envision and explore a new reality for themselves, their community, possibly the world.

Submit this application by Monday, February 4th to have a chance to share your idea related to our theme "It's Time" at this years TEDxYouth@Seattle.

Even though every TED and TEDx event is slightly different, we'd like you to be familiar with the basic form and style. Please watch a few talks before submitting at https://www.ted.com/talks

The Speaker Team will review your application and contact you if you’ve been selected to move forward in this years’ process.

Speaking candidates who move forward will be asked to pitch their talk in-person to our speaker team in mid to late February 2019. This provides an opportunity to showcase your unique self and charisma, giving the team a full picture of what your idea is and what your talk may look like. Final speaker selections will be made after these pitches have taken place. Candidates will be informed by February 25th, if they’ve been accepted.

Please be patient and trust that we review each submission very carefully! You can refer to our submission page for more details about submitting.

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Our Coaching Process
TEDxSeattle@Seattle speakers receive extensive coaching by our team and, on average, devote 40+ hours to the process from now until the event to prepare, including a Full Dress Rehearsal TBD in April and a Tech Rehersal on May 3rd 4:00-7:00 PM. Coaching starts with helping you clarify and distill your idea in writing. Speakers write multiple drafts of their talk with input and guidance from their coach. Speakers also receive professional presentation coaching and can get help with their slide deck if needed. Pretty great, huh?
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What is your background in speaking?
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What would a good coaching relationship look like to you?
We believe coaching is a reciprocal process. A big part of our job is to listen well and ask good questions. We'd love to hear your perspective.
Are you willing to communicate directly with the TEDx speaker team? *
You may have staff that can help with writing, slide creation, or logistics. You're welcome to get support from any source. Feedback is an essential element to success. Speakers whose schedules don't allow for direct feedback, are not the right fit for this process.
Describe a time when you were in a stressful or challenging situation. How did you respond?
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If have any other questions you can write them below or email youth@tedxseattle.com.
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