2 Week Skincare Challenge Registration
It's time! We are getting ready for our next 2 Week Skincare Challenge Summer edition! Our next skincare challenge will begin on Sunday, June 13th and end on Saturday, June 26th!

If you are already into a good skincare routine - great! You can encourage others! If you have gotten lazy in your skincare routine, it's okay! This challenge will help you get back into a healthy skincare regimen. Brand new to skincare and not sure where to start? Welcome to the beginning of beautiful, radiant skin!

Please fill out the information below, so I know how best to serve you and support you throughout the 2 Week Skincare Challenge.

Everyone who pre-registers by May 26th will receive a pair of wristbands as a special gift from me. If you're like me, when I wash my face, water drips all down my arms, and I make quite a mess! Now I wear my "oh so cool" wristbands! Game Changer!
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Thank you so much for registering! That's it! If you submitted this form before May 26th, your wristbands should arrive in time for the 2 Week Skincare Challenge! See you on June 13th!
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