FILM-ED Cinema at the Caribbean Fashion & Arts Feature Festival
REconnecteD Production's FILM-ed Cinema platform sets out to showcase African fashion films 100% created by African creatives living and working on the continent today. With free submissions, we are looking to welcome work by as many film makers as possible to FILM-ed whose work represent Africa in how we interpret our rich history, cross-cultural present and potential of our future.

This October, we are honored to again be able to take the next step in realizing our goal with the platform as official Program Partners at the 3rd annual Caribbean Fashion & Arts Feature Festival with a showcase exclusively for African fashion films.

CFAFF is a non-profit organization operating in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago with the mission to merge fashion, film and art through public film screenings, lectures, exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts and festivals for the general public. With a strong interest in youth development, the organization is also mandated to host workshops, mentorship initiatives, educational sessions and seminars related to film-making, fashion and arts for young people aged 15-25, primarily in East Trinidad, interested in careers in the creative sector. The festival showcases films from around the world and partner with other foreign festivals to curate the best possible Official Selection for the community.
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Rules & Terms
1) In order to be eligible to submit, the film has to have been entirely created by artists based full-time somewhere in Africa. This includes the entire crew and cast.
2) The fashion film does not have to be associated with a brand. But, if there is, the products/garments/collections of said brand have to be mostly produced in Africa.
3) Films must have a fashion theme or major elements.
4) All films must have been completed after 30th June 2017.
5) Films in a language other than English are required to have subtitles in English.
6) All films submitted must have a run time of maximum 30 minutes.
7) Must be the first time submitting this specific film to CFAFF.
9) Only completed films accepted. No rough cuts or works-in-progress accepted.
9) Your film can be of any of the following main genre groups (with fashion theme or major elements):
- Documentary
- Narrative
- Music Video
- Animation
10) Films will only be accepted for submission if uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo (share link in application form). Once selected for the festival showcase, the applicants will be required to send the film via GoogleDrive, Dropbox, WeTransfer and other downloadable file transfer.
11) Must own or have rights to copyright of material submitted.
12) Have access to releases for the talent and music, if necessary.
13) If accepted, you agree that submission imagery, including films and clips, will be available for use in the CFAFF and/or REconnecteD Productions' promotional activities.
14) Applicants must be over the age of 18.
15) Submitted films will be reviewed by a committee from both South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago. Once selected, the filmmaker will be notified and become part of the "Official Selection".
16) This showcase is for amateur, aspiring, established and student film makers.

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Thank You For Submitting Your African Fashion Film!
Deadline for entry is 08 September 2018. We have set the notification date for latest 25 September 2018.
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