Lake George Adopt-A-Storm Drain Field Report
Please fill out this form each time you service your adopted storm drain. Thank you for taking the time to help keep Lake George clean.
I personally removed litter/ debris from the storm drain! *
Your Name (First and Last) *
Road your adopted storm drain is located on. *
What are the GPS coordinates for the storm drain?
Date that you most recently checked your storm drain? *
Pollution or problem found? *
Nearby issues? *
Does a "No Dumping- Drains to Lake" message appear on the grate? (Either as a medallion or stamped into the metal.) *
Additional Notes: Anything else we should know about this drain, location, or area?
Photos? Attach pictures of you tending to your drain or the conditions of the drain itself for us to us for promotion of the program or to better see issues with your drain.
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