Richardson Dees Primary School Policy and Curriculum Information Questionnaire
Key information about our policies and curriculum is available on the Richardson Dees Primary School website; we would like you to take a look and let us know what you think about it, what we could do to improve, etc. All responses are valuable to us and will help us to provide you with the information which you need.
School Policies; how did you find the school policies, which are available on the website? *
Thinking about the language used in the policies, was it straightforward enough to make sense of, or was there too much 'jargon'? *
Looking at the policies that are available to look at, on the school website, are there any others that you think should be there?
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If you have any comments or queries about the policies that are currently available on the school's website, please write them below.
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Now, we'll move on to the curriculum information. How easy was it to find the information for your child's class? *
The curriculum information on the website provides an overview of the themed learning that will take place, over the year - would you like more detailed information to be shared, such as what will be learnt in Literacy, Maths, Science, etc. *
Is there any further information about the learning curriculum that you think should be shared with parents/carers? *
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