HRRA Boathouse Regatta Registration
HRRA Tenant teams must complete this form to reserve the facility for any scrimmage or regatta.
Team hosting event: *
Event Director: *
Event Director Email: *
Event Director Cell Phone: *
123-456-7890 IN THIS FORMAT
Event Date requested: *
Event Time (ie. 5:30 am to 11am) *
What time will athletes start arriving? (ie.4:30 am) *
If the official start is 5:30 am what time will athletes /coaches start arriving
# of Teams participating (including tenant teams) *
# of trailers
Specify event Title
Row for the Cure etc... Always good to have a name to go with the date
# of spectators expected *
Amenities Requested:
I understand that the host team is responsible for notifying all resident teams of the event at least two weeks prior to the event and as the host may be required to provide parking passes to non-participating teams. *
I understand that the host team is responsible for timely facility maintenance, bathrooms, grounds, regatta room and proper disposal of garbage. They will have designated a point person to manage this. *
I understand that the host team is required to conduct the regatta in accordance with the insurance limits as stated by their insurance provider or obtain additional regatta and/or event insurance for the event. The host team will have HRRA and Vassar named as an additional insured for the duration of the event and provide additional COI’s for the event. *
Emergency Services
Host teams are required to notify Fairview Fire Department, Dutchess County Sheriff Water Patrol and NYS Police Water Patrol of all regattas 15 business days prior to the event. Please include HRRA on all correspondences.

Host teams must provide and visibly mark a First Aid area with access to an AED AND PROVIDE AND AMBULANCE on site for the duration of the event and post an emergency map in all spectator areas with the boathouse address prominently displayed.
The First Aid station will be located: *
I understand the host team is required to provide an ambulance for the duration of the regatta. *
Spectators and Concessions
Tents are allowed on the southern grassy area or on Vassar property if permission is granted by Vassar. Hosts will mark the areas where tents are permitted and direct teams to set up on the East side of the greenway trail – no tents shall be erected on the greenway trail or on the west side of the greenway trail.

Tents and food trailers can be set up no earlier than the evening before the event.

All barbecues and camp stoves will be located at least 100 feet from any HRRA building.

Food and merchandise concession rights are given to the host. HRRA reserves the right to have a concession/Information table during all events.
Will you serve alcohol or hire outside contractors for any service? *
If yes, please name the caterer and provide proof of a liquor license or additional insurance covering the serving of alcohol.
I have read and fully understand the requirements and regulations a host team must follow to host an event at the HRRA Boathouse. *
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