2019 Statewide Conference Sign-up Sheet
Please fill out this form to specify your choices on optional activities and offerings.
What is your name? *
Which is your organization? *
Would you be interested in receiving a flu shot? *
Would you be interested in attending a lake tour on the evening of Wednesday, 9 October? *
Would you be interested in night kayaking on Wednesday, 9 October, after the lake tour? *
If you're interested in kayaking, will you be bringing your own? *
If you're NOT interested in a tour on the barge, would you like to have a movie night? Fairfield Bay Conference Center has a theater where we can stream or play any movie we want. *
Would you be interested in a sunrise hike on Thursday, 10 October? (Note: We will make sure you have enough time to get ready for the morning session). *
Instead of the sunrise hike on Thursday, 10 October, do you want to do sunrise Yoga? *
Kris Brown is your contact who will work with you regarding your workplace Retirement Account with Mutual of America. Kris would like to connect with you if you have not already done so about this valued benefit. He will be available onsite to meet with you during our conference to answer any questions you may have about the plan and your personal savings goals. Common questions include but are not limited to: What Savings and Investments options are available? Can I get help with the Enrollment Process? What do I do with my prior employer(s) retirement savings account(s)? Once we get all responses, we will contact you with the time and room for the one-on-one. *
If you are doing a one-on-one with Kris Brown, is there a particular topic or question you want to ask him? This is just to help him better prepare for your conversation.
Do you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions? If so, please indicate here. *
Fairfield Bay is awesome. Some of us are sticking around after the conference to hike Sugar Loaf. Do you want to come? *
Do you have any general questions, comments or concerns?
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