2018-19 PS32 PTA Executive Board Nomination Form
Welcome PS 32 Parents and Staff!

The Nomination Period for Parent Association Executive Board positions has begun. We’ll be accepting nominations starting Wednesday, April 24th at the PTA Meeting. Nominations will be officially closed during the Wed, May 22nd PTA meeting. Voting will commence and an Election will be held on Tuesday, May 22nd at 6:00 pm.

Any parent or guardian that has a child currently enrolled in PS 32 and that will also be attending the school in the 2018-19 school year may be nominated for any position in the PTA Executive Board. You can also nominate yourself. Staff members cannot be nominated.

Although everyone in the PTA Executive Board has a specific job, all elected officials are expected to work together and help each other with any issues and events related to the PTA. Candidates for co-Positions who want to run as a team should specify that in the Nominations Slip. Members must attend monthly Executive Board meetings, and be prepared to spend time each week communicating with the other board members and administration as necessary.

The PTA Nominating Committee will contact every parent or guardian nominated to confirm that they accept their nomination. If you have any questions concerning the nominations process please contact nominations@ps32.org

Available Positions: Co-Presidents, Co-Vice Presidents, Co-Treasurers, Co-Secretaries
The PTA Co-Presidents encourage meaningful participation in all parent activities. They schedule meetings with the PTA Executive Board to plan PTA meetings, fundraisers and events. They act as public spokesperson for the school and run the PTA meetings. The Co-Presidents are responsible for keeping up good communications with the administration, parents, the parent coordinator, various PS 32 committees, and local public officials. They attend monthly meetings with the D15 Presidents’ Council. One PTA President sits on the School Leadership Team.

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