DiamaPro® Systems Vacuum Warranty Registration
DiamaPro SVX model vacuums are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in normal service for a period of one or two years from the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser. Component manufacturers offer separate warranty periods. Call 800-622-2048 for complete information.

DiamaPro System’s obligation under this warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of such part or parts as inspection shall disclose to have been defective.

This warranty does not apply to defects caused by damage, unreasonable use, faulty repairs made by others or defects caused by failure to provide reasonable maintenance.

Further, the warranty is void if the product, or any of its components, is altered or modified by the consumer or if the product is used in an inappropriate manner or with equipment not recommended by the manufacturer.

Wear items are not covered under warranty: examples include: belts, wheels, casters, bearings, cart wheels, filters, wear pads, spark plugs, hoses, wands and squeegees.

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