Hydro Dynamics Practice Match
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Mission 1
Where is the pipe?
Mission 2
Is the water on the other team's field?
Mission 3
Is the pump addition connect on target?
Mission 4
Did at least one rain fall from the cloud?
Mission 5
Was the latch dropped?
Mission 6
Is the water ejected?
Mission 7
Did the water rise?
Mission 8
How many manholes are flipped?
Mission 9
Where is the tripod?
Mission 10
Is the pipe replaced?
Mission 11
Where is the pipe?
Mission 12
Is the sludge touching wood?
Mission 13
What's the condition of the flower?
Mission 14
Where is the water well?
Mission 15
Was the fire lowered by the truck?
Mission 16
How many big waters were collected?
Mission 17
Is the slingshot in target?
Mission 18
Was the water shown/faucet activated?
How many penalties?
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