PHC Community Food Support
COVID19 has made making ends meet a challenge for every family. No matter what your household situation is, if you need some help during this transition period, you’re invited to sign-up for PHC community food support. This is a difficult time for many Gabriolans, and these support programs are here to help our community as we navigate this, together.

There are three programs you can sign up for, and you may register/indicate interest for all of them or just the one or two that you would like to sign up for. A follow-up email or phone call from PHC staff will confirm the next steps once this form is filled in.

Available Food Supports:

1) PHC Groceries delivered (this is typically standard items such as oats, pasta, canned beans, fruit & veg, dairy, snacks etc.)

2) Nester's family grocery gift card (this is redeemable at Nester's Market, not eligible for cigarettes or lottery, and the amount is estimated $25 per family member, although this may shift depending on community need etc.)

3) Interest list for Farmer's Market Nutrition Coupon program. This program is in partnership with the Agi Co-op and provides low-income families with children and seniors with coupons to redeem at the farmer's market for eligible healthy food items. When funding is confirmed, this program will go from June-October.

Questions or support needed, please contact PHC's Food Programs Coordinator at or 250-247-7322.

If you need mental health support or help with government assistance and other situations, please contact the Gabriola Social Worker at or 250-802-4946.
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If you have questions please contact The Food Program Coordinator at or 250-247-7322
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