Character Interview

Thank you for your interest in being featured on my blog. This is for Speculative Fiction, Fantasy Authors and those that fall within the sub-categories only.

Answer up to seven questions of the ten provided, please don’t answer them all. When you are answering the questions use your character’s POV, not your own. You want to make sure the readers are seeing your character’s voice shine through not yours.

This author feature is to showcase only one book. If you want to showcase a series, please contact me first to work out details. Contact email:
SCHEDULING: Author Spotlights are only on Fridays. Please, specific a specific date you want to have your feature posted. If you leave it blank, I will put you in the first open slot available.  

Please, submit your author pic, book cover and any other images you want to include in your feature in .jpg format to, within a 48 hour window of submitting this form. I plan to pre-schedule all posts and if I don’t receive these images, I can’t guarantee I will have time to include them. Thank you and have fun letting your character go nuts with this interview :).

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