Writing Retreat: 24 - 27 August 2020 Venue: Assegaai Trails
Come away with us and get time out to focus on your writing with the support of expert facilitators.

Please read the information below very carefully before you sign up for a retreat...

This retreat is open to RU Master’s and PhD scholars, Postdoctoral Fellows, and RU staff.

The retreat includes structured sessions, writing sessions and one-on-one sessions for feedback from the resident writer-respondents. There are two respondents at the retreat - one from the Natural Sciences and the other from the Humanities and Social Sciences.

There is no WIFI at the retreat which is good for focus on your writing! But it does mean that you need to be sure to bring along any literature and other information that you might need for your article.

This is where we'll be staying: http://www.assegaaitrails.co.za
You can watch a short video about CPGS writing retreats here: https://tinyurl.com/qn6m5gc

The retreat is fully-funded through the University Capacity Development Grant. All transport, meals and accommodation are included - but you're advised to bring your own snacks and an extra blanket in case of cold and a cushion to sit on. There is no bar and no shops nearby.

Spaces are limited. You will be informed at least one month before the retreat whether or not you have been accepted. You will then be sent a form to confirm your attendance. Last-minute cancellations (less than one week's notice, except for medical emergencies) will result in the cost of the retreat being charged to your student account.
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