Health and Physical Education feedback
Kia ora e te whānau. Hearing and then responding to what our community values is an important belief for our school - it is included in our principle of whakapapa. Periodically, we like to check in with you to see how we are meeting the needs of our school community in the realm of Health and Physical Education. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the form below - your opinions will help us to guide where our curriculum grows over the next year or so. I would encourage you to talk with your children about what is important to them too!

Current overview of Health and Physical Education:
Within each school year, there is at least one unit in each year group that includes a focus on aspects of Hauora so that at the end of their time at Silverdale, students have developed a balanced set of understandings, skills, attitudes and values to build upon throughout their lives. For example, students may be learning about what our body systems need to keep healthy and positive actions we can take, or a unit might focus on developing positive interactions and relationships with other people.

The attitudes and values are explicitly planned for and embedded into multiple contexts within the learning in the classroom. As well as the classroom curriculum, Silverdale Normal School has a partnership with Project Energize who help promote physically healthy practices including nutrition and exercise for healthy bodies, and also supporting sports and skill development within the school.

Over a year, classroom teachers plan opportunities to develop the range of physical skills needed for a variety of sports. The school also synchronises some key sports events such as Athletics and Cross Country, and the senior students participate in inter-school sports opportunities to introduce our learners to as many sports experiences as possible.

What does our school do well in helping our students maintain their well-being?
What would you like us to do better in relation to health education?
How important is it that students learn about mental health?
Not at all
Very important
What is important for students to learn about in mental health?
What is most important to you to be included in a Health and Physical Education program at school?
Any other comments about the teaching of Health and Physical Education you would like to make?
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