Enneagram and Exercise - Type 8
Please answer these questions thoughtfully and to the best of your ability. Answers should be according to what you actually do, not what you think your number would/should do. Questions related to group settings should be answered according to your PRE-COVID behaviors.
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How often do you deliberately exercise?
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What best describes your attitude toward exercising? Please pick one option only.
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Do you prefer to exercise alone or with others?
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What is your most favorite, or most enjoyable form of aerobic/cardio exercise? Please choose only your top 2 activities.
What is your most favorite, or most enjoyable form of strength training exercise?
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Do you engage in stretching?
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Do you engage in one of the following mindfulness activities at least once a week? Select all that apply.
How has COVID-19 changed your exercise habits? Please describe if it's been positive, negative, or neutral.
Which area presents the greatest challenge for you having better health? Pick only your top 1-2.
How many hours of sleep do you most commonly average?
Rate how well you believe you are living a healthy lifestyle
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Do you go to annual (or bi-annual) well-checks with your healthcare provider?
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What helps you trust a health educator/provider? Think about who you are currently listening to and following for health information and ideas. Check all that apply.
What reasons keep you from seeking a professional for a health or nutrition related problem?
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