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This form is for registering an open space adventure that you would like to host as part of Enspiral's Summerfest 2018which runs from January 28 to February 9th. Open Space adventures are scheduled in from Friday 2nd to Friday the 9th, though keep in mind that the Art of Hosting retreat is running from the evening of Sunday the 4th to Thursday the 8th so the sweet spot is from the 2nd to 4th.

What is an open space adventure? Well it's anything you want really. It could be a multi-day tramp (kiwi slang for a hike), a kayaking trip, a road trip, a shared meal, a day long workshop or training. The main idea is that summer in Aotearoa is stunning and people have lots of different wants and needs so let's create a space for people to fill their time with the adventures they want to have.

See for more information about summer fest and feel free to connect with people on slack, loomio or facebook if you have ideas or requests for adventures.

We will be collating all the adventures and sharing them with summerfest folks by mid january.

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