Love City Seoul & Tokyo Ticket
::Live Events in Seoul, Korea::

Date: 10/18~10/19
Door Open: 6:30 pm Start: 7:30 pm
Venue: Veloso Hongdae, Seoul, Mapo-gu, Jandari-ro, 46, B1
::NOTE:: ライブ情報および予約・観覧時の注意事項・Notification for Reservation and Watching the Show

10.18 カネコアヤノ、chiyoonhae (KanekoAyano, chiyoonhae)
10.19 曽我部恵一、Emon(Sokabe Keiichi, Emon)
Runing Time:: 120 minutes each day, The Order of live: KOR -> JAP Artist

Tickets are limited by 110seats. If the reservation filled up, day ticket will be closed.


ADV: 1day 33,000(Won), both days 55,000
Door: 1day 40,000(Won), both days 66,000
Door Open 6:30pm Start 7:30pm

::How to reserve ticket::

1. こちらのグーグルフォーム提出、もしくはlovecityseoulandtokyo@gmail.comにて下記の情報を含めメールをお送りください。
Please submit this google form, or e-mail to with below informations

1)お名前・ name :
2) 観覧日・date:
3) チケット枚数・The number of ticked:
(一人当たり4枚制限 ・1 person can purchase maximum 4 tickets.)
3) 連絡先・phone-number:

 All Free Seat, Entrance: In order of arrival 

3.予約後、予約確定のメールを送らせていただきます・We will sent the confirmation e-mail for reservation.

For checking the seats, please e-mail us if you cancel the reservation till 10/17

*NOTE: 開演当日まで事前連絡無しでライブ会場にいらっしゃらまい場合、次回の企画の際予約が制限されますのでご注意ください。
No-show will be blocked by next event.

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